Mysterious Maverick

Posted: June 22, 2014 in My Thoughts

The aspect of Shah Rukh Khan which mesmerises me the most, is how he gives little glimpses into his soul when he writes. He himself stated that he acts all the time, which may be true to a certain extent, but no one can completely hide his/her inherent vibe. No one can control his/her real feelings all the time. Not even a brilliant actor and observer like him. For me it is very evident when I read the things he writes, be it a whole article, a column or a mere tweet like when he was asked “Who are you?” and he answered “A gust of wind … which pleasantly touches you and vanishes.or the recent “They say that the heart beats and you can hear it, that’s biology. But what is the song I hear with the beat? I believe it’s all of you …“. Boom! With a few words he made my heart skip a beat. Again.

I read a lot myself, I can link phrases and quotes to real life situations and (let me be a bit immodest) I’m quite intelligent, but when this man writes, sometimes my brain goes “Huh?!” for a moment. You know the feeling when you have to read a sentence more than once to get it? Yes, that!
I also know many bright people from various fields, but I never saw such pristine intelligence mixed with an unbelievable ability to empathise like in Shah Rukh Khan. And you can’t attribute that to his studies in Mass Communication, it’s something you can’t learn in any course. You can learn how to ‘read’ people, yes, but that’s not what he does. He really relates to others, be it as a character in a film, as a writer, in a five minute interview or while interacting with kids. Of course could he – as an actor – easily give us the impression he wants us to have about him. But the people around him, most of all the kids, can’t do that. Their reaction to him shows what a great soul is hidden behind his dimpled smile.

To me, children are small beings with big souls, most adults are big beings with small souls. While growing up, most of us lose the ability to think like a child for the sake of responsibility. Who doesn’t know the phrase “Don’t be childish!”? We oppress parts of our soul to be accepted by a society which forces us to disown the best quality we have.
SRK is one exception that proves the rule.
He said once that he has the soul of a child and I fully agree with him. His unconventional thought processes, how he deals with emotional confrontations, the way he enjoys the little things, and the fact that he constantly underplays his intelligence because he doesn’t want to alienate others, make him a first-class creative maverick. And like all creative mavericks, he kept his inner child alive.

I think his soul kept growing along with his body and actually exceeded the limits of it.
That – combined with his intelligence, empathy and down-to-earthness – enables him to touch strangers’ souls while remaining the mysterious maverick.
I love him because so few men are.


(Unedited article for the “Fan” series, started by @ArmyDeSRK. Published as “One of a kind”.)

  1. Misty4SRK says:

    Love your article dear. You “put it all in a nutshell” and I feel exactly the same way that you do. Like you, I feel that I am an intelligent and well-read person who can use a quote as well as the best of them, but SRK does blow me away at times. I don’t idolise him for his looks and sexiness (which he has oomphs of) so much as his mind and soul, which I love even more! I hope he never grows up and always keeps his ability to emphasise with people. Just hope that one day I get the chance to meet and emphasise with him and look more deeply into that beautiful soul and share the intelligence:D (and you too dear! )

    • Tuilere says:

      Thank you for your wonderful comment. To interact with him face to face would be a dream come true & I hope it’ll happen to everyone of us sooner or later.

      • Misty4SRK says:

        I don’t think he could get round 8 million people in one lifetime, but I hope I get to see him again. I had the pleasure of seeing him in Manchester at a show 😀

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