Welcome inside my head …

I can promise right from the beginning that the things I will write about will vary a lot.
That doesn’t mean I can’t make up my mind but that I have many various interests which want to be expressed or written down. So the topics will include my social viewpoints, current thoughts, books, movies, art in the broadest sense, life and people in general. Aside from that I will also write articles in German whenever I feel the need to do so.

Art or what?…

I got bitten by the painting-bug during my schooldays and the fever hasn’t left me since. It started with random scribbles but got serious in 2003 when my teacher forced me to draw a (very smelly) running shoe because he didn’t believe me when I told him I didn’t need the stuff for beginners. (He gave me full marks for it 😉 )
I came to portraits in 2004 when I sketched “Wolverine” (as seen in my Instagram-posts: http://instagram.com/cat_tuilere).
Since then I developed from traditional drawing/painting to digital painting. (It’s much less of a mess afterwards 😉 ). The program I use is the Open Source Software GIMP in combination with a graphics tablet / digital pen.

I hope you’ll find many pictures to enjoy here and on Instagram in the future.


Knock yourself out! ;-)

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