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Mysterious Maverick

Posted: June 22, 2014 in My Thoughts

The aspect of Shah Rukh Khan which mesmerises me the most, is how he gives little glimpses into his soul when he writes. He himself stated that he acts all the time, which may be true to a certain extent, but no one can completely hide his/her inherent vibe. No one can control his/her real feelings all the time. Not even a brilliant actor and observer like him. For me it is very evident when I read the things he writes, be it a whole article, a column or a mere tweet like when he was asked “Who are you?” and he answered “A gust of wind … which pleasantly touches you and vanishes.or the recent “They say that the heart beats and you can hear it, that’s biology. But what is the song I hear with the beat? I believe it’s all of you …“. Boom! With a few words he made my heart skip a beat. Again.

I read a lot myself, I can link phrases and quotes to real life situations and (let me be a bit immodest) I’m quite intelligent, but when this man writes, sometimes my brain goes “Huh?!” for a moment. You know the feeling when you have to read a sentence more than once to get it? Yes, that!
I also know many bright people from various fields, but I never saw such pristine intelligence mixed with an unbelievable ability to empathise like in Shah Rukh Khan. And you can’t attribute that to his studies in Mass Communication, it’s something you can’t learn in any course. You can learn how to ‘read’ people, yes, but that’s not what he does. He really relates to others, be it as a character in a film, as a writer, in a five minute interview or while interacting with kids. Of course could he – as an actor – easily give us the impression he wants us to have about him. But the people around him, most of all the kids, can’t do that. Their reaction to him shows what a great soul is hidden behind his dimpled smile.

To me, children are small beings with big souls, most adults are big beings with small souls. While growing up, most of us lose the ability to think like a child for the sake of responsibility. Who doesn’t know the phrase “Don’t be childish!”? We oppress parts of our soul to be accepted by a society which forces us to disown the best quality we have.
SRK is one exception that proves the rule.
He said once that he has the soul of a child and I fully agree with him. His unconventional thought processes, how he deals with emotional confrontations, the way he enjoys the little things, and the fact that he constantly underplays his intelligence because he doesn’t want to alienate others, make him a first-class creative maverick. And like all creative mavericks, he kept his inner child alive.

I think his soul kept growing along with his body and actually exceeded the limits of it.
That – combined with his intelligence, empathy and down-to-earthness – enables him to touch strangers’ souls while remaining the mysterious maverick.
I love him because so few men are.


(Unedited article for the “Fan” series, started by @ArmyDeSRK. Published as “One of a kind”.)


The Man I Do Not Know

Posted: July 22, 2013 in My Thoughts

Why do I write about someone I don’t know? To be more specific, about someone I haven’t met even once in my life? And why about him and no other?
Those are justified questions and I will at least try to answer them in what follows.

I do not have very much in common with this man. The only similarities that I know of are:
We have the same height, we both consume caffeine like others water and share an unhealthy habit. I also stay awake most nights, love to read, have an apparently special sense of humor and claim to be very shy.
The differences between us are rather obvious:
I’m German, he’s Indian. I’m a girl attempting to start a business, he’s most probably the most successful man on the planet. I can’t dance, he does it as part of his job.

The first point of contact was, how can it be any different, a movie. Back then I didn’t know, of course, what this moment would mean to me a few years later. In retrospect it almost feels like destiny, as I normally don’t watch TV.
In 2005 I zapped through the channels and caught a glimpse of a man dressed in a beige-colored coat who was standing with his back to the camera on what appeared to be a ferry. Since I couldn’t remember if I had seen the film before I stayed on the channel.
What can I say? As soon as the movie ended, I was overwhelmed insomuch that I watched every film which was broadcast.
Although I had no idea, who exactly the leading man in all of them was (apart from the name), I instantly liked him and his films.

Then, in 2007 I stopped watching them because I had no time due to work. A short time later my father was diagnosed with severe illness and suffered an additional heart attack in 2010 which he thankfully survived. In 2008 my best friend suddenly died when he was 24. My grandfather had a serious accident and had to stay in ICU for over a year. And in early 2012 I was hospitalized and had to undergo surgery to survive.
To put it in a nutshell, my whole world broke apart in only a few years. All this made me even lose my faith in God. It got so bad in the end that I wished to die.
Whoever might read this, please don’t get me wrong. I don’t want to arouse pity, as I’m over all this now. But I had to write it so that you understand my full meaning.

Because in 2012, when I had a little breathing spell – and again I might have to attribute it to destiny – I stumbled across a SciFi movie and its story sounded pretty interesting. Without further thought – and hence without knowing that the mentioned actor was again the leading man in it – I watched it.
This film, Ra.One, finally made me want to know more of him. And I watched all his work I could find in my VoD account. Then I bought the movies and found out everything I could about this man on the internet. Why? Simply because – just by watching his films – I felt a happiness within me that I had lost before.

When I started reading his interviews, I had to read all of them. I started watching his TV-appearances (shows, functions, interviews) and again I had to watch all of them. I even found archives with old tweets of his.
And without noticing it myself at first, I changed. When I realized it, well, it was too late.
The man I do not know brought me back my life.
His movies gave me happiness, his interviews, his life story and, more than anything, his tweets taught me to be resilient, not to give up without putting up a fight, to believe in myself, to conquer my shyness, to never take anything for granted, to do things with heart and soul, to go my own way and to accept the fact that I’m flawed like any other human being too.

I also really missed “The knightwriting Prince of Darkness”.

And there is one point which I personally feel has to be highlighted:
As I wrote before, I had completely lost my faith in God. I was a declared and fully convinced atheist. Nobody was able to give me any reason to believe again. Not my parents, not my friends and least of all anyone church-related!
But I found my way back to my belief.

A Christian girl found back to her religion, guided by a Muslim man who unknowingly inspired her to read not only the Bible again but also translations of the Holy Books of other religions like the Qur’an, the Gita, the Torah…
I never questioned anyone about his/her religion because I simply wasn’t interested.
Now I don’t ask anyone for his/her religion because I know it’s not important. No matter by which name God is called, we’re all just the same.
And because this man said it better than I ever could, I dare to quote:
“[…] I find it so strange, when we’re fighting about this, it’s like … same novel, same topic, just different languages […]”

Those of you who still have no idea, who this man is, will know after my last passage.
Why? Because it’s high time to thank the man himself!
To thank The Man I Do Not Know, Shah Rukh Khan.

Thank you for making me smile and think in different ways, for your sense of humor, for giving me new friends all over the world, for introducing me to a whole new universe of movies, songs and most of all for being who you are …
a beautiful and inspirational soul.

And I have to say that you did something which I never considered possible not so long ago.
You gave me back my life. In fact, you spread so much love through the things you do, one could almost think you loved me back to life.
Just for that I will never be able to thank you enough.

And I can’t explain it even to myself properly but I – and many others I got to know because of you – feel a special bond between you and us. Not only as an audience towards an actor, it’s much beyond that. At least for me. How I know that? All my life I had a very simple indicator for it: creativity. As crazy as it sounds, I am only able to draw or paint someone, even digitally, when I really like him or her. For me that’s proof enough.

But I think Goethe described this feeling a little more intelligent:
“What is uttered from the heart alone will win the heart of others to your own.”

And by the way … I was 21 when I saw you the first time, so I suppose it’s OK if I say that your assumption is absolutely right … You, sir, are sex on toast 😉

Now nothing more is left but my wishes:
Loads of love, endless happiness, a long, healthy life, respect and all the best to you and your family. May God always bless you.


P.S.: Not to forget “my proof” that I really like you …